"My role as a healer includes more than the dental problem - I try to be as aware as I can of the patient's overall state of mind and body, and to gently facilitate healing in every area."


Dr. Riko Ricketts DDS....

Curriculum Vitae
A Dental Practitioner for over 25 years, I have been the sole owner/operator of a successful private practice in located in Vancouver, BC. Over the years I have continued to expand my expertise, with a specific focus on Biological Dentistry.

My practice is completely "mercury free" and uses DEXIS digital x-ray technology. I have studied Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Acupuncture and Ayruvedic medicine. My services also include Laser Technology, Biocompatibility and Autonomic Response testing, Electro-Dermal Screening, and a variety of anxiety control therapies. I actively participate in community development programs and seminars.

I am a singer, songwriter and poet, and a father of 5, with 2 children (in Africa and Brazil) sponsored through W.H.O.

Education: Concordia University - B.Sc. with Distinction McGill University - DDS

Professional Development, Continuing Education & Continuums

Composite Restorations: University of Washington - Completed a 1-year continuum with Dr. H. Albers, as well as several continuing education courses and seminars. University of British Columbia - Completion of several continuing education courses with: Dr. Kanca Dr. Fiegenbaum Dr. Ken Newman

Esthetic Restorations: University of British Columbia - Completion of several continuing education courses with: Dr. Kanca Dr. Ken Newman Dr. Fiegenbaum Dr. H. Albers

Biological Dentistry: Completion of several continuing education courses and seminars with: Dr. Hal Huggins Dr. Cook Dr. Doug Phillips Dr. Ed Arana Dr. Hans Lechner Dr. Dan Gole

Heavy Metal & Mercury Toxicity: Completion of several continuing education courses with: Dr. Sjeskahl, MD. Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD

Other: American Association of Head, Neck and Facial Pain (AAHNFP) - completed a one year continuum officiated by Dr.Dietrich Klinghardt, MD PhD Sanum Remedies (Homoeopathy) - studied with D. Wagstaffe, ND The Uplege Institute - studied Craniosacral Therapy

Professional Associations

Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce - Member

A member of several professional associations geared towards health centered dentistry including:
American Biological Dental Association - Member
Health Action Network - Member
Cancer Prevention Coalition - Member
AAHNFP - Member

Public Speaking & Media Relations

Published several articles on dentistry and other health-related topics.

Publications include:

McLeans Magazine, Alive Magazine, Vista, and Shared Vision. Participated in media interviews with AM1040, CFUN, CKWX, News 1030AM, CBC Radio, Rogers Cable TV, the Women's Television Network plus several radio stations throughout the U.S. Moderated first Canadian symposium on Mercury Amalgams, with Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Zoltan Rona. Guest speaker at several Wellness Shows located in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Community & Volunteer

Multicultural Society of BC - Member Commonwealth Caribbean Club of BC - Founding Member and past President of organization whose primary goal is to provide academic scholarships and bursaries to individuals of Caribbean heritage.







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